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E-CIGARETTE is a new solution for smoking indoors. Rechargeable, Luxurious & Healthy way of smoking. ALL4JOY™ is also a desirable accessory.

Luxurious packaging with amazing range of flavours makes the product special for customers wanting to smoke with a sensation of:

* Range of unique cartomizer flavours of real cigarettes, fruits, mint also chocolate !

ALL4JOY™ has also carefully worked to also satisfy all consumers trying to quit smoking by presenting a range of:

* 5 levels of strength - from High, Medium, Light, Super Light to None nicotine!

E-cigarette has no harmful substances and it is totally safe to you and people around you. It tastes like a real cigarette although emits a virtually odorless vapour that quickly disappears in the air.


The BEST QUALITY in Europe !

The BEST BRAND in E-Cigarette Technology !

“…Always First with New Innovation & Design…”



A potentially Life-Saving alternative for many smokers. Habitual smokers can not quit the addiction of emotional and physical sensations and tactile habit. ALL4JOY™ E-Cigarette provides all related habitual pleasures without the negative effects commonly associated with traditional smoking.

The top reasons people use ALL4JOY™ E-Cigarette include:

  • - reduces health risk
  • - harmless for you and people around you
  • - eliminates nasty smell, cigarettes buts and bad breath
  • - improves energy and wellness.


  • - SAFE & CLEAN:
    • * NO FIRE
    • * NO TAR


This change will affect your senses of smell and taste.

Your eyes & teeth will bright up.

This is simply Healthy and COST EFFECTIVE!


How does the ALL4JOY™ E-Cigarette work?

An E-Cigarette is an electronic vaporizing device. When the user inhales on the electronic cigarette, this causes an air flow sensor to signal to the inbuilt microprocessor to activate the atomizer. When power from the battery is applied, the atomizer converts the liquid nicotine in the cartridge into a vapour using heat. A water based vapour is released from the glycol by the atomizer to resemble ‘smoke’. Vapour looks similar to cigarette smoke but it is not the same. Smoke basically contains permanent ingredients which you cannot find in electronic vapour.

What is important – vapour in Electronic Cigarette is odourless, and has no risk to its user or person around them.

What’s even more important – it doesn’t contain any carcinogenic compounds, tar, carbon monoxide etc.

There are absolutely NO TOBACCO or tobacco products in the E-Cigarette: In fact, the nicotine utilized is synthetic and is derived from natural sources other than tobacco.



ALL4JOY™ E-Cigarettes - No. 1 in Europe

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Enjoy it anywhere you like:

  • - In your favourite pub
  • - At the cinema
  • - At the airport
  • - On board of an aircraft
  • - In your place of work
  • - On a bus

NO more smoking ban for you